new music first #13

Thought I should get some new music out of the way before the new year hits us (granted, I do have close to a week before that happens, but I wanted to get my best tracks and remixes lists out before the end of the decade).

Anyway, tracks. There’s a whole big mixture of stuff here. Just what this blog is all about i suppose…bit of everything.

First up is a bit of electronica kinda stuff. Paqman are from Melbourne/Canberra (strange mix I know.). Their track Donno is a really nice kinda chilled track that glides. umm…did i just write glides? wow. Anyway, it is a really nice track. As I look out my window now, it’s kinda warm and sunny and this track accompanies that pretty freakin well.

Paqman – Donno

Second up are a duo out of Berlin. I’m Not A Band sound kinda like a band…sorry to break that to you. Their name sounds like they belong on Kitsune. As so does their music. I love Kitsune and their Kitsune Maison compilations are always a good indication of what’s big out there. I reckon these guys might just be big.

I’m not a Band – Crazy

Third, a bit of a change of pace. Camp Out are out of California. They’re two ladies who produce really well written indie pop. Really good songs. They’re looking to release their album early in the new year, and from what I’ve heard of it, it seems really good. It sound like the sort of pop tunes that Triple J actually would play. There are obvious comparisons to Tegan and Sara for sure, but give these guys a go. Really nice stuff.

Camp Out – Car Crash

Fourth, and finally, it’s Memory Tapes, or Dayve Hawk to his folks. There’s this sub-genre that seems to be forming that’s being dubbed ‘chill-wave’. Now, since I’m a music blogger, you’d think I would be on top of it…and I know, it’s been around for a while now (well…a few months at least). People like Neon Indian, and The Babe In The Woods are sort of pushing this sound. Anway, Zan Rowe did a feature on Chill-Wave in the latest J Mag, so it must be big now. I dunno. I think I like it. As Zan says though, “Hawk is the most hi-fi (out of the ‘movement’) – but even that is a stretch.”

Memory Tapes – Bicycle

K. That’ll do the ramble for now

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