new music first #12

There’s been a fair bit of stuff hit de inboxu lately that I haven’t posted. So, some of this stuff isn’t that new (still reasonably new though!). But their all really good tracks deserving of some love out there in blogland.

And what’s better than a 3/4 all Australian New Music First post? Whilst I may be a little late for AusMusic Month (Triple J celebrates Australian music every November), it’s still important to push out Aussie music, especially new stuff.

(No offence to Baddies. They still rock!)

First up is a band out of Sydney. They’re called The Salvagers. When I first heard these guys, to be honest with you, I didn’t think much. But I left it on my iPod and came back to it. And man, it kinda grows. Some might find it a little soft (the track below is one of the ‘harder’ ones), but I reckon it’s pretty sweet. They’ve enlisted Lee Groves who’s worked with the amazing Bertie Blackman to produce their self titled EP, and whilst they sound nothing like Ms Blackman, the production is pretty…slick i suppose. That’s a good thing. Anyway, here’s their track Raz Girls. Good!!

The Salvagers – Raz Girls


Next up is a band from Essex, UK, you know, the overseas 1/4. These dudes have that familiar british sound, kinda like Kaiser Chiefs or Franz Ferdinand. That kinda vibe. They’re called Baddies, and they’ve spent all of the UK summer doing the European festival thing and are now in Australia to do the same. Anyone going to the Purple Sneakers NYE party in Sydney or Pyramid Rock down at Phillip Island are in for a pretty brash, ballsy gig!! This is their new single called Open One Eye taken from the album Do The Job.

Baddies – Open One Eye


Third on the list is a band from Melbourne called Young Heretics. These guys have done a heap of touring with other great Aussie acts like Philadelphia Grand Jury and Kid Sam. They’ve just launched their new EP entitled The Dreamers and they’ve got a pretty massive big sound that starts off soft and just builds until the whole band kicks in and greats a great, almost industrialish groove. Amazing vocals too.

Young Heretics – Bones of a Rabbit

(iTunes, BigCartel)

Last is a dude that goes by the name of Dan Sultan. Dan is from Melbourne and is a bit of a soul blues singer. I remember seeing him at St Kilda fest a few years ago, and whilst I had heard the name, I didn’t know any of his tracks. Was a little blown away though. The dude has a great voice and just kicks it hard onstage. Dan also played a part in the Before Too Long Tribute to Paul Kelly that was on a few weeks ago. You can check out the second installment of that on Triple J tomorrow night if you like. I think it’s going to be on TV soon too!! Anyway, this is the first single off his second album Get Out While You Can.

Dan Sultan – Letter


K. That’ll do the ramble for now.

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  1. Janice

    I’m really into Baddies so I’m glad you mentioned them 🙂 I was trying to find bands similar to them. I came across this new band also from Liverpool called Sound of Guns, don’t know if you’ve heard of them but see what you think. I’d really recommend them. Here is their official site-

    May 28, 2010 at 11:17 PM

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