Lisa Mitchell – The Corner Hotel 22/09/09

Lisa Mitchell

ok. So last night we checked out Lisa Mitchell play at the Corner Hotel. All in all, was a good show. I was a little skeptical about how Miss Mitchell would be able to pull it off live, but her voice sounds bloody great. So, it was probably great production as well.

She opened with Heroine. If you have the album, or have heard the track, you’ll know that it’s a strange kinda track. But yeah, back to the live show. Heroine started to play and the curtains opened…and nothing. No-one was on stage. I thought, shit! She’s got the wrong night! Ha…or shit! she’s doing this all with backing tracks? But I was wrong. Thankfully. Lisa jumped on stage singing heroine and slowly, one by one, the band members joined her tapping away at different percussion instruments. Jumping around, Miss Mitchell gave the show a really fun opening vibe.

One of my favourites, So Jealous came a few songs later. Pulled off really well live I must say. Has such a great vibe that track. Much love for it. Other standouts were Coin Laundry (complete with a story about how punters have begun piffing dollar coins at her during the line “Do you have a dollar? Do you have a dollar?”), the smooth Pirouette (written in spite of her not being a ballerina…), Red Wine Lips was awesome too. Stevie was also great – had the crowd singing along. She chose to end with Neopolitan Dreams in the same way as Heroine began: with the band members, as well as the support acts Oh Mercy and White Birds & Lemons coming on, singing along, and playing an assortment of percussion instruments. Great vibe with the audience singing the “Ba da da da da da da” line. Good way to finish up!

The absolute standout though was a track that I overlooked when I initially reviewed her album. Oh Hark! was easily the best of the night for me. Once again, had a great fun vibe (they seem to be her best songs.), and the jungle style drums keep it rollicking along.

If there was one thing that I didn’t think was so amazing, it was Lisa Mitchell’s piano playing. She can play, that’s for sure. But when she hits the low keys, it’s as if she’s trying to deafen us. It kinda made Love Letter, which is such a beautiful song (the opening line is one of the best), a little difficult to digest. I had the same problem when I was learning piano, and especially if you’re singing (something I could never ever do), it’s a bloody hard thing not to do. But, for her first headline tour, she’s shown that she has got the beginnings of some pretty good chops.

Oh, and just one last thing. She speaks so softly!!! I mean, she is really cute and presents herself as a pretty softly-spoken kinda lass, but it wasn’t until some dude at the back of the room yelled out “we can’t hear you Lisa!” that she spoke up and we could understand her word for word. But yeah, wow, I feel as though I’m being really really harsh on her!

She does put on a pretty darn good show. Her voice sounds great live. She jumps around a bit on stage too which adds to the fun of it all.

To leave you with, my new fave.

Lisa Mitchell – Oh Hark!

(MySpace, iTunes, JB HiFi)

K. That’ll do the ramble for now.

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