my rabbit is black

cosmo black

well…i use to have a rabbit. and it was black. and it’s name was cosmo.

It just so happens that I got sent a track by a fella called Cosmo Black. This dude’s from Melbourne/Radelaide and he produces pretty nice electro kinda stuff. The single And Repeat is set to be released in October. It’s a pretty decent little number, complete with the handclaps, that thumping dirty bass line and some awesome ‘lifting’ (wank word anyone??!!) synth work over the top.

Anyway, you should check out his MySpace page to get an idea of what he’s all about. There’s some pretty diverse stuff on there, it’s not all just thumping dirty bass stuff. Some great chilled sounding stuff too – MonkeyMan is kinda AIR-ish. (I LOVE AIR).

Anyway, here’s the track AndRepeat. Check this dude out when he tours in October also

Cosmo Black – And Repeat

K. That’ll do the ramble for now.

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