RIP Dean Turner of Magic Dirt

Dean Turner of Magic Dirt

It’s pretty upsetting this post. Magic Dirt were a great Australian rock institution. I was quite obbsessed with Tough Love a few years ago and it’s really sad that the bass player of the group, Dean Turner passed away on Friday night after a long battle with lung cancer. You can read a pretty decent tribute to Dean on the Home And Hosed Blog.

I played one of their tracks, Vulcanella as part of a drum performance thing when I studied music…that’s how much I loved Tough Love. I remember the bass line of that track being really interesting (for drums and bass, that track was a little nuts!!) Anyway, I’m just gonna leave you with two of their tracks, the aforementioned Vulcanella, and one of their big singles Plastic Loveless Letter.

Magic Dirt – Plastic Loveless Letter

Magic Dirt – Vulcanella

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