Lisa Mitchell – Wonder

Lisa Mitchell - Wonder

ok. so I never thought i’d be reviewing an album by an ex Aussie Idol star. But I’d heard good stuff, even during her time on idol I think she impressed quite a few. And what’s even more revolutionary is that Triple J are playing it. They even thought it good enough to make it their feature album a few weeks back.

I am of course talking about Lisa Mitchell’s debut album Wonder.

I’m not just reviewing this album because Triple J are playing it. If you sat down and listened to it you’d find a really well crafted pop album. Lisa has teamed up with some great song writers for this and if you know her voice, having the right songs is key for her. Her voice is so cute and kinda unassuming that I think only the current songs could do her justice. I remember that Lisa was in the year that Bobby Flynn hit Idol…it was the year where they tried to change the format and encouraged the use of instruments and original songs. They probably got the most unique talent that year.

So If you like your folk pop kinda stuff, and love Julia Stone, then you should definitely check out Miss Mitchell.

In terms of standout tracks I’m a little stuck. Of course the first two singles are killer (the sing along Neopolitan Dreams, and the great production of new single Coin Laundry). But also, I think track three, So Jealous, sounds great. It shows that she can a little bit darker and more energetic than her earlier stuff would have you believe. The toy piano sounding Love Letter is also a bit of a gem. Lyrically, it’s great, beautiful even. Corny enough for ya??!! Red Wine Lips, complete with it’s marimba fills and Andrew Bird style whistling, the horn filled Sidekick (complete with a rip off of the opening riff of Place Your Hands by Reef), the rollicking Stevie (great great track – i’d heard this online a while ago and yeah, great track – it was this track that gave me the impression that Wonder would be more than the cuteness of Neopolitan Dreams and Coin Laundry), and the final track Time Means Nothing At All.

If I had one problem with her album it would be the way her voice sounds on the record. Now i’m not sure if it’s the effect they’ve put on her voice or if it is just the way her voice came out after being recorded, but for most of the tracks,her voice seems to have gone through a filter to give that ‘im stuck in a little box to make my vocals sound cool’ effect. I like that effect, don’t get me wrong, but it happens on quite a few of the tracks, which gets a little predictable after a while.

On the whole though, I’m pretty impressed with Wonder. I think there’s a good career in front of Lisa Mitchell. I’m no music expert though…but yeah, I reckon she’s got what it takes.

To leave you with, my fave from the album, So Jealous.

Lisa Mitchell – So Jealous

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K. That’ll do the ramble for now.

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  1. alikitti

    Thanks for a ripper of a post! I agree Miks. This a lady who’s voice would probably sound better live, or maybe recorded unplugged. She be a great gig for a sunday session on The Northcote Social Club carpet. Her voice is so charasmatic and her lyrics so catchy. She is like the measles of music, man! Was her music on an ad on TV? For a Car? I think it might have been Neopolitan Dreams. That is definately one of my sing-along favourites, slong with Clean White Love.
    This album had me hooked from start to finish! It was like a great book that you can’t put down.
    I totally disagree re: So Jealous. This is one of the most irratting ear piecing pieces! Yes, while I agree that it shows the diveristy of her talent- but she is so out of tune at times it makes you want to throw your ipod at the wall.
    Love Letter made me cry. This was such a haunting, ghostlike song. I loved it when her Aussie accent came shining through “I need a flight home, there’s no day to argue. I need my pillow”
    Red Wine Lips confused me. What does she mean by “How could a steeple made a cealing wax ever need to fall down?” Any ideas???
    Oh! Hark! is a great pick-me-up of a number/i want to go jogging to number.
    Valium was a gentle ballad with a catchy chorus ho-hum-a-long beat.
    This lady and her music is totally addictive! “I wish I could bottle it up and breathe it back like valium…” 😉

    August 8, 2009 at 6:49 AM

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