The Little Stevies – Northcote Social Club 26/07/09

The Little Stevies

“Wasting time is fine tonight…” unless you’re enjoying a Little Stevies gig in sunny Northcote on a cold winter’s Sunday arvo. Young and old embraced the Northcote Social Club carpet, soaking up their aussie folk /pop. This gig gave us well constructed harmonies and warmth in their lyrics. We sat lapping up the catchy tunes, beautiful guitar chords and all round positive vibe amongst a massive hand crafted “Dink Me” sign. And what an eclectic mix of instruments! From guitars, vocals and drums to a rain stick, djembe and an accordion- just to mention a few.

The two lead singers in The Little Stevies happen to be sisters. A fellow Meandallmyfriends blogger, Miks reckons that siblings just have that certain something, which friends simply couldn’t create on a stage. If that makes any sense?!… and these two sisters really did just that.

Throughout their gig The Little Stevies divulged their secret tour itinerary to us in intricate detail of their upcoming Europe trip. It was also delightful when Simone joined the group on stage with her Auslan translation of Sunshower.

They surprised us with a cover of the late Michael Jackson’s Black or White. Other highlights were The Tram Song- about a boy who stole a Melbourne Tram. And a song from their video clip Somewhere We’ve Just Been which, believe it or not made it onto the Foxtel Country Music Channel!

They played a few newbies. One of my favourites was a song called There’s a Light, But It Sometimes Goes Out. Or what I like to refer to as their anti-gospel song. It was a real thigh slapping hoe down of a number!

This Band gives you that wanky little feeling of one-ness with the world, and eases your anxieties where your soul can drift away with their songs about love, people and places. All the feel good stuff.

To leave you with, a download of the track Somewhere We’ve Just Been, off their debut album.

The Little Stevies – Somewhere We’ve Just Been

Do yourself a favour.


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