Leave Them All Behind III

Leave Them All Behind III

ok. Modular are definitely one of my favourite record labels out there. Apart from their idea of a music festival last year, they house some of the best bands out there. People who know me will know that I don’t shut up about how good Cut Copy and Van She are. I also LOVE the Avalanches and am waiting on their new release. And their recent signings of Canyons and the Bang Gang boys have got me a bit excited.

But, i do digress. Every few years Modular put out a compilation called Leave Them All Behind. I’m a bit late onto the bandwagon, but their previous releases are pretty impressive. All three so far have featured a mixed cd and an unmixed cd. You can check out the previous two here via the ModPeople site. This time round, the boys from Bang Gang Deejays have mixed the first disc. There’s definitely a few of my favourite tracks of this year on this disc, so is a bit exciting. Golden Filter’s track Solid Gold features as well as the Vemixes version of Changes by the much loved Van She.

The second disc also features some faves of mine. Stuff like Passion Pit, Friendly Fires and Whitest Boy Alive all feature. I reckon if you like the Kitsune releases, you will probably like this comp. I’d call it Kitsune with a little bit less of an electro feel (the second disc obviously).

I’ve ordered my copy (free with a modular tote bag…ok!) from the JBHiFi website. If you’re not in Australia, you should check out the ModPeople online shop. It comes out on the 7th of August here…not too sure about OS.

To leave you with, a sneak peak of the tracks featured. Mixed by the Bang Gang boys, it’s not the best teaser mix put out for a compilation – the JBAG mix of the Kitsune7 Compilation was pretty stella. This teaser mix DOES give a pretty good idea of the style of tracks on the comp though 🙂

Leave Them All Behind III Tease Her MIX – Modular Records

Also check out the Modular Blog if you like what you hear.

K. That’ll do the ramble for now.

3 responses

  1. JIM

    modular have had a music festival for 10 year….daft punk 07′

    July 28, 2009 at 6:32 AM

  2. meandallmyfriends

    Yeah, im aware of that. After reading the post, I’ve decided I may have been a little harsh. I didn’t go to Daft Punk in ’07 but from what I’ve heard, it sounded bloody brilliant. The one last year in Melbourne was just a little bit dissapointing because half of the acts got cancelled and the drinks kept on running out! But the acts that did play were all stella.

    July 28, 2009 at 9:18 AM

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