new music first #7

kinda rad music overload

ok. so it’s a new music post and it’s all some decent electro stuff that has got me a movin lately. There’s a bit of local stuff, some US stuff, and I think some stuff from Vietnam. There’s some thumping stuff and some great chilled stuff. So, i guess by now you’ve guessed that there’s some stuff in this post.

…hmm…I’m watching the doggies absolutely kill the hawks (it’s 58 to 2 and the first quarter hasn’t even finished yet!). We’re playing bloody well. So that’s why i sound distracted.

Anyway, I’m not as excited about the tracks featured in this post as i was about the tracks i featured in my last New Music First post. But I am definately excited about the local stuff.

ok. Let’s get the ball rolling. First up is a track by the Lost Valentinos. I could’ve seen these guys at the Bacardi Express Tour earlier on this year, but having not heard any of their stuff, didn’t really bother about it. Pity. Midnights is epic – it’s so epic they’ve put it into two parts. Both parts are different in sound but you can tell that they’re both part of the same track. anyway.

Lost Valentinos – Modnights (Original Parts 1 & 2)

Second up is another local, from Sydney. Canyons signed to Modular a few months ago which means they’ll get some decent exposure. The only stuff i’ve heard of these guys is a mini track on the Bang Gang comp last year, so hearing this track was pretty exciting. This is a banging track too. Just builds and builds.

Canyons – Blue Snakes

Thirdly, a track by someone who’s name i’d seen but never actually heard. That seems to happen a fair bit to me actually. Anyway, St Vincent is from New York and is good. Very good. I only know the one track though mind you so I could be wrong. Is such a great song though so I’m not too sure if that’s possible. I think i need to buy her album!

St Vincent – Laughing With A Mouth Of Blood

Finally, a track by a band with one of the strangest names I think i’ve ever heard. I mean, what in the hell is a Black Moth Super Rainbow? Haha…who knows. And the fact that they say they’re from Vietnam has me perplexed. They do, however, make some pretty decent music. This one reminds me of All My Friends by Groove Armada a bit. I like.

Black Moth Super Rainbow – Twin of Myself

K. That’ll do the ramble for now.

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