New Music First #5

busy busy but free free

just say no to study

ok. so I’ve been a little non comital lately. I got exams on next week and i’m trying to study study study for them. There’s only two, and I’m not absolutely freaking out. But, give me time and I will I’m sure! Haha…anyway, just to keep the momentum up I thought i’d put up a post with a few tracks that i’m listening to of late. They’re all awesome of course. Hehe. Anyway, better get to it. Field independence and field dependence is calling me. oh dear.

First up is a track by a band called Hey Champ. They’re out of the states and if it wasn’t for MSotD, I don’t think I would’ve found out about them. They pretty cool indie dance stuff. But actual songs, not just a cool beat and some funky synth. Check it out here:

Hey Champ! – Cold Dust Girl

Secondo on the listeo is another band from the states. YACHT. They’re pretty good. I actually thought these guys were Australian – got that kinda sound, and I always seem to see their name on posters around the city. Anyway, great track.

YACHT – Psychic City

Third on the list is the new Jay-Z track. I don’t usually get into this sort of stuff but after NME posted it up, I thought i’d give it a listen. Is a great track too! Great sample.

Jay-Z – D.O.A (Death Of Autotune)

Next up is a tune that’s been doing the rounds for a while. It’s by a Brisbane based band called Yves Klein Blue. They are awesome. If you like what you hear, you should definately check them out!

Yves Klein Blue – Polka

So that’s it. I better get back to the study. Fun fun fun.

K. That’ll do the ramble for now.


2 responses

  1. JR

    haha, why did I come here when I have an exam in a couple days? The first thing I see is your sign……lol

    June 10, 2009 at 11:41 AM

  2. Jay-Z – D.O.A (Death Of Autotune)… I was just listening to it yesterday after posting about Jay-Z’s “Big Pimpin'”. D.O.A. is totally awesome and yes, auto-tune must die!

    Ok so I am guilty because I like a lot of artists who use auto-tune like 100% of the time now, but it is artistically cheap and I wish they would stop. I’m with Death Cab For Cutie on this.

    A message to the “Musicians of the World”…

    If you cannot sing do us all a favor and don’t. Or accept it and sing anyway w/o auto-tune. It was good enough before the release of auto-tune in 1997. It’ll be good enough now too.

    Perfect pitch does not mean perfect music! The imperfections are what really give art character. Auto-tune removes some of that character, and thus makes music all the more generic. Like plastic cheese vs the real stuff. Learn to tune your instruments and voice and leave auto-tune out! If the song is good, we’ll still love it and you, I promise.

    June 10, 2009 at 11:59 AM

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