those old school sounds

hmm…so ol’ skool that I even spell it correctly. Haha…anyway, the old school sounds that I’m talking about is the stuff I use to listen to in High School. Stuff like Regurgitator, Jebediah, Something For Kate, the Superjesus etc etc etc. Someone posted up an old ‘gurge video on facebook and it got me thinking and reminiscing about it all!

So, just for you cats, here’s a few youtube videos!

First off, it’s Harpoon by Jebediah. Something For Kate did a cover of this track and made it really dark! But you can get some of them later on! Harpoon came off their first album, Slightly Odway.

Next up is Something For Kate. I tried to find the track I was thinking of (I’m not good with names). So anyway, I ended up with two! The first is 3 Dimensions. Is a killer track. Great great great Australian pop music. You can check out all their stuff here.

The second is this gem, Monsters

Third band up is the always awesome Regurgitator. I remember buying their album Unit when I was probably 14. My mum had to be there when I bought it because they had an 18+ sticker on it. Felt so very cool that my mum let me buy it. Anyway, because I’m cool (or so I like to tell myself), I’ve got an old clip of their as well as an mp3 of one of my favourite tracks off Unit.

First off, their track, I Like Your Old Stuff Beter Than Your New Stuff

Second, the shortest track of their album. The song is called 1234 and it goes for a massive 52 seconds. Is crazy fast punk, the way it’s meant to be.

Regurgitator – 1234

The Superjesus were seriously cool. I got into their second album – I still have it! But to start off with, here’s one of their first singles, Down Again, off the album Sumo. This was recorded live at the 1998 ARIA awards!!

Anyway, onto their second album Jet Age. One of my faves is the single Gravity. And, you know it, it’s down below just for you.

The Superjesus – Gravity

Finally, one of my definate favourites from the late 90’s. I love Grinspoon. They were the best hard rocking, drug taking, generally messed up and constantly pissed bands of the day! First up from them is the video for their track Black Friday.

Second up is their track Just Ace off their debut album, Guide To Better Living. This was THE TRACK for me for quite some time. I thought Phil Jamieson was just simply the epitome of cool. Haha…anyway, here it is, just for you 🙂

Grinspoon – Just Ace

So yeah, that’s about it! Long post, i know, but there was just too much great great stuff from that era. The bands i’ve mentioned are the ones that have stuck in my mind. Probably some indication that they’re good I reckon!

K. That’ll do the ramble for now.

One response

  1. Alikitti

    Great post! 🙂
    And yes! I certainly remember that awkward high school moment when buying a CD with the “parental guidance” “course language” “offesive material” etc etc sticker on it. And to think how shock factor values have changed, in the way young poeple listen to and absorb music. I think the best one that springs to mind (even though it aint old schhol rock) is Alanis Morrisette “Jagged Little Pill”. Think that album totally changed my early teen days. And then she appeared semi- cameo in a famous Sex And The City episode kissing Sarah Jessica Parker. OK, i have totally derailed- but it was definately hot.
    OK…back to the music, eh boys?!

    June 7, 2009 at 1:38 PM

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