Can you play some Hockey?

Wanna play? Some of our music I mean.

Well…after you download some of their stuff, you can! (nice play on words there, i know.)

Hockey are a band out of Portland in the States. They’re also one of those hype bands which Australian mainstream radio will only start playing in about a year or only after Triple J play the crap out of them.

BUT, that said, they’re pretty good, and deserving of the hype. There’s also a few live tracks out there online from their stint at SXSW Festival a few months ago. And they sound fantastic. So, from that, I’m guessing they’d be pretty sweet live. Their album ‘Mind Chaos’ comes out July or August I think – not too sure about a release date for Australia though.

Anyway, they’re definately a band to watch out for. Their single Too Fake is a great track. Kinda sounds punky in the verse and a bit LCD Soundsystem (YEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS!). And then the chorus soars above it all and brings the whole track up with it. Wanky. But true.

Hockey – Too Fake

K. That’ll do the ramble for now.


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