Ratatat – LP3 [joint review]

Ratatat - LP3
Ok, so introducing a newby to the Me, And All My Friends blog. His name’s Jono, and he’s pretty cool. Hahahahahaha….yeah, nah, he is. OK.
So, this entry is a review of the album Ratatat released last year entitled LP3. I think it’s a great album. I’m kinda a fan of a show they play on triple j called The Soundlab. Anyway, it’s a show for experimental electro, post rock kinda stuff and Ratatat featured a few weeks ago. And they played some of the tracks off LP3. And, I liked them. You know what I didn’t like though?? Ooh yeah. Your face. You know it. (Jokes jokes. I mean, I’ve probably never even met you before. You’re probably hot. Sorry).
So, anyway, I bought LP3 off iTunes and it was pretty swell. One of the reviewers there said it sounded like Sigur Ros and Air. I was in on that alone. Air are one of my favourite bands of all time. And, I think that LP3 is good. Not amazing though. But still, good enough to get a few plays and to act as some great funky sounding chill music.
Having said all that above, I must admit that I have an extremely limited knowledge of the Ratatat back catalogue. I really only just bought LP3 to upp my cool indie kid appeal…hmm…seems to be a recurring theme doesn’t it?! So anyway, I’m going to hand it over to Jono now. He know’s his Ratatat.
Having been familiar with Ratatat close to 3 years now, I’m going to bring a bit of a different perspective to this album. For anyone familiar with the band, you would definitely realise that this is a departure from the signature sound of their first two albums. With moments of Fatboy Slim and Air (not a very accurate representation of the album overall though), the album sounds like a few pieces in search of a film soundtrack without as convincing of an overall story as the first two albums.
Highlights include ‘Shiller’, ‘Falcon Jab’, ‘Mirando’ and ‘Black Heroes’, and I say that mainly because they’re in my comfort zone from what I expect.
1) Shiller – Sounds like a long-lost B-side to the contenders for the X-Files theme song. Doesn’t mean it’s bad, it’s actually pretty good. A very slow, haunting build up, that ends in a very slow, haunting build up…
2) Falcon Jab – This is more like it – reverse guitars. I’m not sure what the title has to do with the song, maybe the vocoder noise is meant to be of a falcon (I wouldn’t know what it sounds like).
4) Mirando – I thought this was Fatboy Slim’s “Weapon of Choice” (for the first 5 seconds). Closer to the original Ratatat with a bit of an Indian beat to it.
7) Shempi – Interesting shuffly beat. If you’ve heard ‘Lex’ from ‘Classics’ you’d like this one.
9) Dura – This sounds like it’s a song in search of a vocal from Beyonce. This could be a good or a bad thing.
13) Black Heroes – Starts like a 60s cassette tape ballad, moving into the trademark twangy guitars about 30 seconds in. Sleepy, but charming. Very “Air”.
Overall this gets 3 stars from me. It’s good, but doesn’t serve as the best possible intro to Ratatat – I would suggest you go and check out both ‘Ratatat’ and ‘Classics’, they really do the band justice.
Talking about the old stuff though, here’s a bit of a classic of there’s.
Ratatat – Seventeen Years

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  1. Cool review, heard this one at a party the other day and was impressed. Not many bands can pull off a change of sound like that.

    May 19, 2009 at 11:24 AM

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