FRANKIE ROSE. Perhaps the coolest name in music? I reckon it comes close.

The new stuff from Brooklyn lass FRANKIE ROSE is solo, this time without her all girl indie pop crew THE OUTS. The new album,Interstellar, showcases a cleaner, more spacious sound; one lacking the fuzzed out guitars of 2010’s release with The Outs. That said, this is still a rather pop album. With production duties looked after by Le Chev of Fischerspooner, it has a level of epicness that perhaps didn’t appear on the earlier work.

It’s not just the work of the producer though. There is a maturity to this release, a confident showcase of new sounds that only Rose can put across. It’s a willingness to try something new, and she obviously has the chops to be able to pull it off. There’s hints of 80’s pop, vast sounding shoegaze with nods to bands like The Cure and Jesus and Mary Chain, as well as a bit of a downbeat chillwave vibe.

The title track and opener of the new release is perhaps the best indication as to where Rose is heading. Almost split in two, there’s the ethereal opening full of spacey synth sounds and a few quite faint restrained vocals. And then there’s the big change that hits a bit over a minute in and the track changes into something a heap more energetic, and dare I say, rollicking. Stream ‘Interstellar’ below as well as another two tracks from the album.

Frankie Rose – Interstellar by Slumberland Records

Frankie Rose – Know Me by Slumberland Records

Frankie Rose – Night Swim by Slumberland Records



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