Galleries are a band out of Glasgow, Scotland. They make this optimistic sounding post-rock kinda stuff. And yeah, I did just put optimistic and post-rock in the same sentence.

I’m not usually a fan of post-rock, but these guys do it well…they actually make me forget that a lot of post-rock stuff is kinda depressing. The guys have just put out a 5track self-titled debut EP, which you can download over at their MySpace. They cite some killer influences also…Yeah Yeah Yeahs, M83, Interpol, Sigur Ros…and I think you can hear a bit of each band in the EP, especially the big choruses of YYYs and Interpol. There’s also that really nice lush sounding soundscape…sound…that bands like Sigur Ros and M83 put to good use. But, on top of all this, they don’t sound like a tribute/covers band. Seems as though these fellas have their own distinct sound, which is always a good first step.

Some are expecting big things from these fellas in 2010…and I tend to agree. I reckon they’ll go alright! You can check my fave from the EP ‘Undergound Overground’ just below.

Galleries – Underground Overground

K. That’ll do the ramble for now

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